Chelsea worked for 15 years as a Naturopath before transitioning her career to fully support her clients through mentorship. She adores helping her clients get to the root of their struggles. Through her training in Hypnotherapy & Emotional Freedom Technique, as well as her powerful but gentle way of naturally holding space for her clients, and supporting them in a profound space of processing, she supports quantum leaps in personal development in the areas of life, business and love.

Chelsea Frederick, luxe lifestyle design coach, master healer, and creator of the comeback queen is here to help you powerfully heal through your trauma & reinvent yourself.

In January 2022, Chelsea became a published author of Jaguar Medicine - Fierce Feminine Frequency Keepers Birthing the New Earth. Within this multi-author book, Chelsea shares about the birth of The Comeback Queen and the life changing day she shed years of people pleasing and shyness and fully stepped into her fierce power. Jaguar Medicine is available for purchase on Amazon and Kindle.

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The underlying philosophy of The Comeback Queen is that you are wholly and completely fabulous just as you are. It's in the embracing of your full multidimensionality, your scars and your magic, that you are able to step into your full power as the most, confident, charismatic, magnetic and magnificent version of you..

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Styled photoshoots


Styled Photoshoots
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Chelsea offers both group and private coaching to ensure that everyone is able to receive support,
The Comeback Queen is a free Facebook group with a multitude of resources available as well as a community of over 600 women cheering each other on and straightening each others crowns.
Start by joining the group, and if you're ready to take the next step, click here to book in for a free one on one strategy session via Zoom. This is an opportunity to make sure you both vibe and for Chelsea to recommend the best offering for you!

One of Chelsea's absolute passions is working
with a Dream Team of world class stylists, photographers and hair & makeup artists to help you take your Comeback to the next level with a styled photoshoot. It all started back in 2018 when Chelsea teamed up with Stacie of SLH Personal Stylists and Kate of Kate Rhodes Photography for her very first and very significant Rebel Grace photoshoot. Sparks flew and the trio have now combined their magic into incredible packages that also include Chelsea's mentorship.

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